Welcome to MCCSD Islamic Sunday School 2020-21




Dear MCCSD Sunday school parents, 

We are thrilled to have your children join our Islamic school. In our school, we aim to raise Muslim youth who are knowledgeable in the Islamic principles & able to successfully engage in the society while proudly practicing their Islamic faith. 

We will provide the students with Quran and Sunna grounded Islamic knowledge & manners. The school also provides the opportunity for the Muslim kids to build strong friendship with other Muslim kids for long lasting brotherhood, networking & cooperation 

We hope to achieve this big mission with your help. We hope that your child will get follow up and discussions with you about what they learn in the school to optimize their experience. We also encourage every single parent to consider volunteering at least one school day (2 hours) during the year to come help with non-teaching tasks (screening kids, food packing,…) to teach our kids volunteering in the best manner. 

This binder has multiple pages. Each student has to bring this binder to each school day. Please inform the teacher if any of these is missing from the binder. 

  • Cover page has the color code for the class (Pink vs Orange vs Yellow or Green). 
  • A name badge, cloth mask & a pocket prayer rug. 
  • Welcome page with school calendar 
  • Curriculum titles 
  • Task cards page. Each student is expected to memorize one card every 2 weeks, at least the English version. A free issue of MyDeen journal will be given to the best performing student in each class every month. 

WhatsApp groups will be created for each class and the Sunday school to improve communication with the families. If you don’t get these communications please email the email listed below. 

This year due to the COVID pandemic the following major changes will be applied. Please read carefully. 

We are opening 4 classes with limited number of students. Each class will have on-site Sunday school EVERY OTHER WEEK. With any concerns of the COVID pandemic situation, the on-site program will be put on hold while the zoom classes with Shaikh Mohammad continue on a weekly bases.

*** No student or teacher will attend the class on-site if he/she had any of the following symptoms over the last 48 hours: Fever or chills, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea, unexplained headache or muscle aches. *** 


Sign in & Sign out: 

11:50AM Students screening and check in (to be admitted each student must bring his facemask, school binder, prayer rug, +- water bottle). No wodoo or water fountains will be open due to COVID risks. 

13:20-13:40 Parents to pick up kids with their take away lunch. Parents can stay with kids for prayer if they have wodoo/Masks. 


Please, if you do have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, Imam/Shaikh Mohammad Elhewizy or email at champions@mccsdsiouxfalls.org. 


School Fees: 

On-site: $50 per student for the first semester paid through the portal https://www.mccsdsiouxfalls.org Online only: Free.

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